Classes for Children ages 5-8

Children ages 5 to 8 are introduced to Martial Arts in a playful way through exercises and technique instruction. Children should have fun first and foremost, but the aspects of Discipline, Focus, Concentration and Respect are taught directly through the exercises and techniques. Stories and teachings supplement the physical instruction.

Classes for Children ages 9-12

Children ages 9-12 are given more traditional instruction focusing strongly on the physical techniques while learning a deeper understanding of Discipline, Focus, Concentration and Respect as it relates to their school and home lives. Stories and teachings supplement the physical instruction.

Classes for Teenagers ages 13-16

Teenagers are able to be challenged physically and mentally to start exploring who they are and who they want to become. A teenager must learn about Morals and Values and develop a Warrior's Code. Techniques and Stories focus on these ideas so that when the Teenager is ready to leave home they do so with a firm foundation of Self and a Code to handle what life presents to them.

Classes for Adults ages 17 and up

Adults learn Tae Kwon Do with influences brought in from Yoga and Tai Chi. The structure is traditional with students progressing by achieving increasingly challenging belt ranks. Adults are challenged not only physically, but they are encouraged in class to grow mentally through exploring meaning in their lives and Martial Arts practice.






Yoga classes are designed for people with little to no prior experience. Classes move at a slow and safe pace using basic postures to develop strength, balance, flexibility and confidence! Students are taught what is needed to begin a home practice.

Beginners & Intermediate

Yoga classes are taught to those with some yoga experience and designed so that Beginning and Intermediate level practitioners may deepen their practice under the guiding eye of a teacher in a safe environment designed to challenge strength, balance, flexibility and confidence. Students are given what is needed to deepen their home practice.

All Levels

All Levels Yoga classes are open to all who wish to practice in a class setting. Whether you have experience or no experience at all, classes are taught to the student's skill level. Postures are modified as needed for everyone in class to enjoy the strengthening and release Yoga offers to practitioners

Yoga for Martial Artists and Athletes

Yoga for Martial Artists and Athletes is a class for people who practice Martial Arts, Athletes and other exercise-oriented weekend warriors. Athletes can become very imbalanced throughout the life of their sport or activity. Yoga for Martial Artists and Athletes is designed to promote alignment and posture to aid the healing and prevention of imbalances due to repetitive movements or injuries in athletes. Postural alignment promotes optimum strength, flexibility, and stamina, enabling Martial Artists and Athletes to achieve peak performance in a healthy, balanced way.

Yoga for Back Care

Yoga for Back Care is exactly that. Yoga classes are designed to remove and heal pain experienced in the back followed by strengthening the back. The whole body is used to build awareness in preventing pain, injury and tension while building strength and flexibility. Since the back is connected to all parts of the body,whole body alignment and balance are a focus in the class.




Tai Chi is an ancient Martial Art used for Health, Stress relief and self-defense.  Chad White Wolf Koch teaches techniques of Tai Chi using a variation on the Yang long form and elements of Chi Gong.  Using the form and exercises we will practice using and manipulating our energy to create opening and health in our body, mind and spirit.



Tai Kwon Yoga is a creation of Chad White Wolf Koch drawing on elements and techniques from Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do and Yoga. This class offers students a taste of many styles of body work teaching them health, alignment, strength and flexibility. The body practice will be combined with exploration of breathing to bring coordination and harmony into every day movements. Students may find a healthy practice in the class or be inspired by one or more of the arts and explore them more deeply in one of the other classes offered by White Wolf Academy.



This workshop is designed to empower people. The techniques and strategies taught will bolster strength in mind and body giving you the confidence you need. Techniques will be taught, practiced and discussed in a variety of situations from beginner to more advanced. Lessons and techniques are presented in a way that any physical skill level will benefit from the experience. We will discuss and practice the secret to Self Defense that starts before any physical defending is required. Workshop may be adjusted for any time requirements. A series of one hour classes will work as well as a three hour workshop. Contact us for details.



Meditation is the ancient art of centering, energy practice and expanding awareness. In this workshop we will explore the many styles of meditation with emphasis on Moving Meditation. Using a fusion of slow Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Yoga and breathing, we will discover the power and awareness available from Moving Meditation that many eastern cultures have used for millennia. This workshop may be adjusted for your scheduling needs. Start an ongoing Meditation class or schedule a three hour workshop.



This workshop by White Wolf Academy of Martial Arts is designed for children or teenagers to teach about Heroes and Warriors though stories. Historic and Mythic Warrior stories teach young people about standing up for what is right and defending what is important. What made these mythic Warriors great? Experience a taste of the practice it would take to become a great Warrior in your own life.


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