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adho mukha svanasanaFlowing In Strength Yoga began in 2011 after Chad White Wolf Koch decided to share his love of Yoga with others. He began aprenticing with nancy Desert Lizard heraty of Yoga Journeys to the Heart. She was his first Yoga teacher and helped him in his discovery of the wonderful compliment of Yoga and Martial Arts. They work together like Yin and Yang or Feminine and Masculine. He also began working with Gabriel Halpern, the director of Yoga Circle in Chicago. He has been apprenticing with Gabriel in the Gentle Yoga class since 2010, increasing his understanding of Theraputic Yoga. In September 2012, Chad White Wolf Koch accepted a position apprenticing Gabriel at Yoga Circle in the Thursday level 2-3 class.

TrikonasanaFlowing In Strength Yoga uses an Iyengar based Yoga focusing on strengthening the alignment of the body. Finding harmony and balance in physical symmetry. Using Hatha Yoga with Iyengar influence, Flowing In Strength Yoga looks to equalize the strength and flexibility throughout the body bringing health to the individual and the class.

Sirsasna 2 Utkatasana Sarvangasana Navasana Sirsasana Bharadvajasana

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